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NOT a Podcast ; NOT a Presentation

CoCreation Conversations are free monthly, interactive, experiential sessions on the

last Friday of each month.

At every session, special guests share something awesome about their creative and meaningful lives—sure to inspire you and enhance your own life, business, and how you approach your

own creative endeavors.


Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and uplifted at each session where you have the opportunity to connect and co-create with some awesome and remarkable people doing amazingly creative things in their lives.  

We’d love to see you at our next CoCreation Conversations on Zoom...
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"Story connects us to our humanity. Multi-media Arts communicate the stories.
The result is Cultural Transformation
" ~ Voices of Our Story


"When you integrate PAUSE, PONDER and PRACTICE as a lifestyle, you will have a more intimate, nourishing, and loving relationship with yourself. You will also know how to ignite the juicy energy that lives within your core." ~ Coach Betty Louise


Expand Your Passion

Tell Your Story Through Multi-Media Arts

Special Guest on April 29th, 2022

Betty Louise., Speaker, Coach, Radio Broadcaster

Co-Creator of Voices of Our Story


Betty Louise and Susan co-facilitate an interactive discussion about expanding and deepening your passions through stories expressed through multimedia arts.

Discover how you might express yourself and your passion without words, put words to your passion, and slow down enough to understand your deeper desires.

The CoCreation Conversations experience offers time to connect and to voice your own passion and story. 


Through this activity-based experience, everyone has an opportunity to express themselves in their most familiar media, and also explore possibilities to expand.

Bring your journal, drawing materials, or any tools you want to use to explore and expand your ideas. 

Betty Louise has been leading one-to-one and group coaching sessions since she became a Master Trainer at Stanford University over 30 years ago. She now supports women with chronic pain who doubt their own body wisdom. She helps them alleviate pain through a prescription for pleasure. Betty Louise has lots of stories of women with whom she's worked who've developed a pleasure practice of mindful beauty, sensuality, and sexuality. The end result is they have the confidence they need to make nourishing changes that make them feel alive and vibrant, looking forward to each day.

Betty Louise and Susan Davis are Co-Creators and Co-Project Directors for 
the philanthropic, California Humanities grant-funded project, Voices of Our Story. This project, which began in 2016, is about shifting perceptions toward inclusion, common humanity, and compassionate action by communicating  Story through multi-media arts. Visit the project website to experience Story through performing arts, music, fine art, poetry, audio/video, and spoken word. 


Women's Story Circles

Women: The Storytellers for Millenia

~ Let's Tell Ours

Special Guest on March 18th, 2022

Sara B. Hart, Ph.D., Speaker, Consultant, Coach, Founder of Prime Spark Women

Author of

“Prime Spark: Women Over 55, It's Our Time!”

 “The Upside of Downsizing: Getting to Enough”

Have you noticed?

Women over 55 are strong, resilient, gutsy, kind, and generous.


They are leaders, executives, mothers, partners, lawyers, spouses, doctors, sisters, nurses, aunts, grandmothers, professors, friends, teachers, lovers, daughters, judges, organizers, neighbors, government officials.


They are artists, writers, authors, coaches, musicians, entrepreneurs, CREATIVES!

How did women get to be so incredible? 

Through sharing and listening to Stories, you can participate in an experience practiced for millennia: Women's Story Circles facilitated by Sara B. Hart, founder of Prime Spark Women.

A lifelong advocate for social change, Sara is a successful entrepreneur and well-known speaker on motivation, cultural and business performance issues, and the psychology of success. Her current main focus is Prime Spark: The Power of Older Women


Sara empowers women 55+ to stay relevant in a quickly changing world.


Sara Hart earned her Ph.D. at Northwestern University and then taught at Queens College in New York City. She spent 20 years at Pfizer where she was responsible for leadership, team, and organization development for the research division in the US. She also was head of HR at the research center in the UK.

After Pfizer, she founded Hartcom, a management consulting company. She also became Executive Director of the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, an advanced research and advocacy group increasing the impact of women on all aspects of technology. At the Institute she created and led Innovation Workshops working dynamically with women and girls across academic, non-profit, and high-tech corporate cultures.


She also served as an Executive Director with Association Management Solutions which provides forum management services to some of the most innovative technology associations.


Sara received formal coaching training at the prestigious Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara and is one of only two certified Thinking Environment™ instructors in the United States.

Sara B. Hart on Facebook: 
Prime Spark with Sara Hart

Sara on Instagram: 

Sara on LinkedIn: 
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"It is time for us to find that spark that will ignite our way forward, illuminating our path and reflecting our gifts in the world.  This is the spark in the prime of our lives.  This is our Prime Spark." ~Sara B. Hart

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The Joy of Living the Creative Life—

One Woman’s Story of Creating Happiness


Special Guest:

Karo Caran, poet, and novelist, author of: 

The Myth of Maya Joy”

 “Roman and Julian: A love story in paintings”

 “I Am the Air: And other thoughts in verse”

 “Life In Footnotes: Memories in Verse”


Karo’s life has been a creative endeavor. Whether it was in obtaining her Ph.D. in Education or writing poetry, fiction, or a poetry-based memoir, the joy of creation was paramount in every step of the journey. Karo currently works at Google as Program Manager, mostly focusing on accessibility, and this, too, is a job filled with joy and creativity. She lives by the principles of Viktor Frankl’s philosophy, which emphasizes the meaning of every moment. Karo’s favorite things in the world are Classical Chinese poetry, poetry translation, reading and writing, travel, naturopathy, arts and beauty, and above all, sharing her life with her soulmate, Victor.


The joy and the ability to live life to the fullest would not have been possible for Karo and Victor thirty years ago. Neither she, nor her husband Victor, would have been able to pursue many of their interests, nor have an IT job with a company like Google. It is because of the social and technological progress that, despite having partial sight, this couple can enjoy their lives and don’t have to make compromises and settle for less than fully sighted people. In addition, Karo can help others, either through her day job at Google, or through her writing and sharing of her other gifts that inspire, uplift, and motivate us all.  

Ignite the Alchemy of Your Inner Creator ~Inhale Possibility, Exhale Creativity


Special Guest:

Jen Duchene, Akashic Guide, Author, Teacher, Creator of Illuminating Journey Cards


At CoCreation Conversations Jen Duchene guides us to explore creating with curiosity using questions and the Illuminating Journey Cards ©. We create by igniting our Inner Creators. The experience will awaken each person's dormant creative spirit and allow participants to create with greater ease and joy. It will give us the ability to break through resistance, uncover creativity, create and share in a supportive group experience.  

Have your creative tools with you at this Zoom session: journal and pens, paper, markers, paint, whatever media with which create. 

Using the crystal-clear guidance and healing power of the Akashic Records and the Light Grid© the authority on all things soul, Jen Duchene illuminates the potential for empaths, creatives, and entrepreneurs to embrace and embody the MORE they truly desire.

Jen Duchene’s calling is to help truth seekers find their light in the fog, so they can trust their wisdom, follow their guidance, and freely engage in a delicious, joy-full life, without fear.

Out of her bottomless toolbox of mastery in Akashic Records, Astro-numerology, intuitive gifts, and signature Illuminating Journey Cards©, Jen serves as a clear channel to give her clients spot-on translations, the release of ‘emotional weight,’ and fast-track healing.


From a successful career as a designer of personal spaces, Jen crossed the invisible barrier of self-awareness to work with the sacred ‘interior space’ inside each one of us.

She challenges us to trust our knowing, sweep out the limiting cobwebs of confusion, and cast light into our every relationship, including spiritual healing, self-love, money, health, and purpose.

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"Over the years I have gained the courage to do the transformational work of illuminating my Inner Truth. I wrote a book- Le Chic Cocoon. Was reunited with the magic of numbers and discovered the Akashic Records. I returned to my roots, studied and mastered powerful, sacred, ancient systems and continue to evolve and learn and create new things including the Illuminating Journey Cards.©  Soul portals made with the guidance of the

Akashic Records.

Today I trust in my knowing, follow my wisdom all the while the journey to joy continues.  When a client reconnects with her freely joy-full path, excited about her life and laughing with the universe,  I know I am doing my soul work."

~ Jen Duchene