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Susan M. Davis

Artist, Mentor, Facilitator

CoCreate. Communicate. IGNITE Change

The Co-Creation Community

Postcards From Paradise

The CoPassion Project/Humans Being Positively Human

Celia Gates

The Global Brainstorm

Delivering Fresh Thinking

Combine critical and creative thinking for sparks of genius!

Susan is a strategic marketing planner, website developer, professional book editor, and workshop facilitator. She was a conversation radio/TV producer and host from 2008 - 2013 with two weekly one hour programs, Good and Green Radio and IGNITE Broadcasting, which strengthened lasting connections with change-makers all over the world. Susan has received national honors, awards, and publications for work in the Sustainable Design/Green Building industry, and for contributions to education and broadcasting. What she loves most is being a mentor and connector, supporting entrepreneurs in building their business success, communicating unique messages to enchant & attract, and to give ‘Voice’ to IGNITING positive change in the world. She works both online & peer-to-peer, by mentoring, consulting, public speaking, facilitating workshops in marketing, social media, and brainstorming. Susan has also been a mixed-media fine artist for fifty years. She has integrated her passions and talents in the areas of design, fine art, and holistic sustainability into a variety of The Co-Creation Community offerings over the past ten years.



“I most enjoy Co-Creating, Communicating, and IGNITING change, taking you from 'ME' to 'WE' in the most FUN way possible!”

Having won various invention and innovation awards including British Consumer Inventor of the Year, the MINDS award for contribution to renewable energy, and European Female Designer of the Year–Celia Gates published her book, Secret Weapon; how to have a brainwave and make your brain your best friend.  In 2012 the Chartered Management Institute short-listed her first book From Brainwave To Business for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship, book of the year.  This was a huge honor for her.

Fundamentally Celia believes that her brain works in much the same way as yours does.  Our brains are muscles.  As soon as we start treating them as such – training and exercising them accordingly we quickly see the value we’re able to generate with combined critical and creative thinking.

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week each year Celia delivers an event called the Global Brainstorm.  This is a mass meeting of minds.  It is an opportunity to plug into a power-pack of consciousness to stimulate sparks of genius–the ripple effects of which are measured as they change the future for years.

"As the world reaches out to itself, it’s imperative that we upgrade systemic thinking if conflict is to be avoided and growth gained through cross-cultural collaboration - my true passion is Co-Creation!"

Esther Coronel de Iberkleid

Tools for L.I.F.E.

Living Intensly Fully Energized

The Clarity Mentor and Life Changing Coach

Leadership Consultant for Visionary Leaders

C.E.O. Chief Executive Officer

NAPREX – Natural Products for Export



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MamaRed Knight

The Content Chef

Cookin' Up Content for Profits and Transformation






Esther was born in Montevideo, República Oriental del Uruguay, and now lives in La Paz Bolivia. She graduated from AIU, Atlantic International University earning a PhD - Major in Business, Education and Personal Development Project Management,  from School of Business and Economics. Esther also earned a MSc Chemistry - Technion - Haifa – Israel; BSc Chemistry - UDELAR, Universidad de la República, Montevideo Uruguay.

Esther's experience in Business, Education and Personal Development spans 35+ years in many different countries, cultures, and languages. 

As Business Leader, Esther founded NAPREX Natural Products for Export, working in R&D many years, and  also, Tools for L.I.F.E. - Live Intensely Fully Energized, offering mentoring / guidance toward success.

As an Educator she has taught all levels of formal and non-formal education; delivered Workshops / Trainings to companies and individuals in different countries in Spanish, English, and French. 

Esther offers Personal Development Programs online and offline to help students and clients achieve CLARITY CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM. 

Esther's passion is to develop Sustainable Programs of high impact that change lives. She does this through her Coaching Program: “THE MISSING LINK TO YOUR WEALTHY WORTHY LIFE"  and through her Program P.A.I.S. (“Programa de Alto Impacto Social”) “Program of High Social Impact” for Communities and Countries all over the world - mentoring Visionary Leaders to  gain new insights, find direction, introducing positive change into their life and lives of others. 


You can read the many Testimonials of students and clients at:


"My mission is to give students and clients needed tools to integrate Purpose, Vision, Mission and Passion to live L.I.F.E. Intensely Fully Energized and leave a legacy to their communities.".

MamaRed (Jerilynne) Knight collaborates with socially-conscious entrepreneurs and small businesses to put the behind-the-scenes things in place that give them back the freedom they thought they would have when they made the leap from a J.O.B. to being a business owner. She combines 30 years as a business consultant and strategist to big and small businesses, 40 years as a techie stuff de-mystifier, 25 years as a small business owner and over 21 years as a transformation agent to find the right combination of systems, technology, automation and mindset for THEM to succeed on THEIR terms. Known as the Idea Firehose and Content Chef, cookin'  up content for profits and transformation, this internationally known teacher, speaker, coach and consultant transforms business challenges into step-by-step doable solutions to build bank accounts and transform lives without all the late nights, teeth-gnashing and hair-pulling. MamaRed loves nothing better than helping you turn your content into delicious recipes that delight your bank account and ideal guests, one do-able step at a time.

"My personal mission: Voices Heard. Messages Shared. The World Transformed. Now that I've found a path through the weeds and insecurities and fears, my goal is using what I've learned to make this "being an entrepreneur" thing as doable as possible for you. One step at a time."

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Betty Louise

Cultivating Compassionate Action


Joseph Nwoye

Cultivating a Belief System for Peace, Equity, and Social Justice for All




Betty Louise has been a certified broadcaster for KVMR Community Radio in Nevada City, California  since 2016. She enjoys producing shows that have a blend of public affairs and music fitting for the topic. She produced 60 audio segments, catching stories from homeless people, concerned citizens, organizations supporting homeless people, and officials charged with solutions in 2017 for the project, "A Place to Call Home." This project was partially funded by California Humanities and California Arts Council and sponsored by KVMR. The edited stories can be found on Storycatchers, under the Community tab on the KVMR website. She is a Master Facilitator, and is currently using these skills at the Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning in Nevada City. She led discovery exercises and offered content from the "A Place to Call Home" project for classroom presentation, including homeless people in the presentations and discussions. One of the exercises, “facilitated StoryCircles," involved community leaders, students, and homeless people to encourage learning and build a community working together to create solutions. She, along with a project team, are creating curriculum to promote student understanding of the homeless issue and how they can get involved in helping to influence others in the community to understand. She has just completed a grant proposal to California Humanities to expand this project.



“I am a hands-on producer, effective at bringing projects from concept to reality, with a passion for shifting perceptions on complicated issues through live and entertaining performances, podcasts, videos and radio broadcasting."


Dr. Joseph Nwoye is an educator and inclusion specialist. As the president of Diversity Frontier, he focuses on unconscious bias and diversity policies and  practices that work.  Dr. Nwoye has contributed more than 50 articles with focus on tackling social issues such as achievement gaps, race, and gender among others. He is a Diversity & Inclusion Consultant with unique ability to address unconscious bias, inclusive leadership at  work and beyond. His recently published transformational  book, Cultivating a Belief System for Peace, Equity and Social Justice For All  provides a new paradigm for meaningful and honest engagement on diversity and inclusion. Joseph Nwoye’s passion centers on making a difference for all students, especially those who encounter problems stemming from a cultural mismatch between school and home. After years of teaching at various levels, from elementary to doctoral programs and counseling students and instructors, Dr. Nwoye has a new vision that provides faculty members and students with tools to foster academic enrichment and develop a new paradigm for lifelong learning.
Aligned with this vision, Dr. Nwoye created Diversity Frontier Inc. to encourage those who contact him or his establishment to become excellent teachers and learners. Teacher and leaner who embrace the power of dialect discourse in an effort to elevate all participants to a new and higher contour of enrichment. Dr. Nwoye’s message addresses the impact of cognitive theory in teaching and learning, comparative advantage in learning, accommodating culturally different students, and cooperative and collaborative learning. He has built an impressive reputation in the area of culture and its implications for teaching, learning, working, and living in shrinking global village.

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Laurie Bethell-Bratt

Doug Bratt

Soul Streaming

Reclaim Energy . Renew Life . Reconnect With the Divine

The Grateful Bears Project

Join the Sleuth


Laurie has a vast array of experience in navigating life's journey :  managing great loss and grief recovery, being a single mom for ten years, blending families in remarriage, surviving childhood trauma, years of tenure as a corporate officer in a large consumer products company, co-founding a new company with her husband. She is currently writing a book on Western and Eastern medicine's approaches to healing. The path she has chosen has not been lined with ease or simplicity, yet she has great joy, fulfillment, riches from a spiritual perspective, and  passion for sharing her continually growing wisdom, to benefit her clients. 

The Grateful Bears Project is a labor of love, wishing to make a difference on our fragile planet. Both Doug Bratt's and Laurie Bethell's goal is to share gratitude and compassion through these plush, wide-eyed bears. Each collectable bear, in a series of 108 numbered bears, will be made in the likeness of a philanthropic individual with notoriety, with 100% of the profits going to each individual bears charity of choice. Some of the causes that are benefitting from Grateful Bears to date are the SEVA Foundation, REX Foundation and Camp WinnaRainbow.

Doug and Laurie met in a healing arts class in 2011. They wed on a secluded beach in Costa Rica two years later. It was at that ceremony that the inspiration to create a new line of bears was birthed.


HumanKind will respond with open hearts to the passion, joy, and optimism you radiate."