Are you

an Artist, Writer, Creative, or Right-Brainer who's feeling bamboozled

(and maybe a little terrified)

by technology, and especially

Social Media?


Does the thought of Facebook make you want

to hide your face?

Instagram make you instantly want

to run the other way?


Pinterest give you a poking pain in the you-know-what

trying to figure out what to Pin and WHY?


And what about Zoom, Twitter, Alignable, YouTube, LinkedIn, Clubhouse. . . ? ? ?


Feeling the OVERWHELM ?

Not to Worry! We've got just the thing for YOU! 


Posting With Purpose PlayShop ONLINE


Go from



(frustrated, overwhelmed, bamboozled)



 for Creatives just like YOU!

That means chronologically gifted women who are doing awesome things in their lives and want to be more comfortable online and with social media:

Artists, Authors, Coaches, Small Biz Owners, women wanting to make a difference in the world. 

We go as slowly

as you need!

What's the big hurry, anyway?

Aren't we DONE with the hustle and bustle and the push, push, push?

"Ease and Grace" is our motto, now. And we don't have FUN when we're rushed, right? That's not the way to make magic! 



Playing TOGETHER is so much more FUN, and WE ALL have GIFTS to GIVE, too. I'm no online guru, and I know I always have more to learn. I'm a big believer in Masterminding in the Brilliant Zone™, so I'm gathering Playmate Inspirers to share their expertise with ALL of us. 

CoCreation is social and so is SOCIAL MEDIA! 

We have FUN!

It's TRUE! 

Our in-person PlayShops were two hours long, once a week, for months, and we often ran over an hour or more. Playmates from these past PlayShops begged for more, so I figure it must have been as FUN for them as it was for me! 

I'm making sure that the new PlayHouse and Playground is set up for FUN and guarantee it won't be boring! 

Keep going for ALL the Deets


  Hey CoCreators,


In a few weeks, I’m going to be 70




Do I feel 70?



Do I look like I’m 70?

Well, I don’t look anything like either of my grandmothers or even my mom looked at 70! 


Am I DONE, yet?

Heck NO! 


I LIKE the way I look, who I am, what I’ve accomplished in my career and my life, and I have plenty I want to do in the next 30 years! 


Bottom line, though, I want to have FUN!


I’m DONE doing stuff that isn’t fun, that stresses me out, that doesn’t move me forward and allow me to grow. 


I want to make art, write, design, play with my family, friends, and dogs. 


I want to travel the world. 


I want grandchildren and to be a cool, arty, outside-the-box grandma who spends a lot of quality time playing with them.


I want to work with my wonderful clients and help them succeed.


AND I want to keep doing what I love (playing with my PlayMates on the Internet), so I can DO all of this.

I’ve managed most of this pretty well over the past ten years, and it’s been in a big part, because of the Internet and social media


10 years ago, I was at the lowest point of my life.


We were bankrupt – I mean the really BAD kind: Chapter 7, both corporate and personal.


We lost our business of 35 years, lost all of our money, lost our retirement savings, lost our cars, our computers, and almost lost our home. 


Loss, loss, loss. It was a dark time. 


I didn’t know what I was going to do. 


I’d been an interior designer and co-owner/marketing director of our Design/Build firm in the SFBA for decades. 


It was what I ate, drank, and slept––forever! It was my WORLD and my LIFE! 

–– And I was 60! S.I.X.T.Y. !


Getting a J.O.B. with another Bay Area firm and competing with thirty and forty-year-olds made me feel SICK, SCARED, and OLD.


This could have easily been the end of ME. 


But if I’m anything, it’s resilient and a perpetual Pollyanna and my favorite dance is the PIVOT


The big surprise?


2011 ushered in the best ten years of my life!


And I credit the internet and technology for a big portion of all the good that’s happened over the last ten years.


I realized that tech had been my TOY and the Internet my PLAYGROUND for decades. 


Living in Silicon Valley since its birth, working with clients who were Innovators and Influencers in the tech industry, and always being that “Outlier Artist” amongst the engineering and techie world, gave me a unique perspective.

Now, as I look forward to my 7th Level as I Level UP in Life,

it’s my greatest pleasure to share some of the toys and tactics that have worked for me, and I know they can work for you, whatever your goals might be. 


As long as you are having FUN

Social Media is a great place to start.

And I want to share this FUN with YOU! 


Share Your Portfolio

Show It To Galleries

Sell Your Work



Build Your Platform

Get an Agent/Publisher

Sell Your Books


Get More Clients


Establish  Credibility



Small Biz Owners

Sell More Products


More People 


Stay Connected to Family, Friends, Community

Learn More About Hobbies, Special Interests, Places to Travel, Causes You Believe In

Expand Your Horizons During Covid, Make Connections, While You Are at Home. . . and

Position for When

We Go Out, Again

“But . . . ,” you say:

“I’m not techie.”

“I’ll do something wrong.”

“My identity will be stolen.”

“I don’t have time to learn something new and complicated.”

“I’m too old to learn new tricks.”

“I’ll be too open to weirdos and seeing things I don’t want to see.”

“I can’t keep up with all the changes.”

“I don’t know what to post.”


Does any of this sound familiar? 


Posting With Purpose PlayShop


What better way to get comfortable online with Social Media:

Have FUN with FRIENDS! 

The PlayMates:
That's YOU and ME and a whole bunch of chronologically gifted CREATIVES doing awesome things! 

The PlayBook:

Your handbook or GPS, where you personalize your online experience, module by module, at your own pace, with tons of support.

The PlayHouse:

Our PlayMate Membership Site: the hub for Posting With Purpose ONLINE

The PlayGround:

We can't stay inside all the time, right? Outside the PlayHouse we have even more places to PLAY!

Here's How We Do It

The Posting With Purpose


Every week a new chapter or module is in the PlayHouse Library, waiting for you to grab, print out, and play with. This is your handbook or GPS which will guide you in knowing your purpose for posting and what to post. The exercises will help YOU define what works for YOU.

I am your PlayBook Sherpa and I support you all the way in whatever you need and so do the other PlayMates! We LOVE to CoCreate and Mastermind in the Brilliant Zone



"How do I get into the PlayShop?"

you ask.


Time's Running Out for this Special $47 Trial 

 Whoo Hoo! Bonuses, too! 

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